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Video Production

    If a picture is worth 1000 words, shooting at 30fps will give you 30,000 words per second!

    You can say a lot in a 15 second commercial! Imagine what you can say in a 1 -2hr film?

Everybody’s got a story. Let’s tell your’s.

Actors, Models, Salespeople, Business people all need to show their best side. You could be selling a product but really, the product is you! Say your selling cars. You don’t have to be “the best sales person”. People instinctively see though that facade. You need to be real and authentic. This is self promotion.

I can help you with your photos. If you have photos and need them touched up, I love photoshop!

If you have a message to get out, we can work on a script together and get your polished message out there!

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